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Dec 17

Many people think that all roofing service providers are one entity. However, it is possible to separate those responsibilities by having a certain level of specialization. There are three types: Indy Roof Repair roof inspectors and roofers. While there are similarities between the roles, roofing contractors have distinct roles that set them apart from their peers. Roof contractors oversee the entire roofing installation process just as general contractors manage a large team of specialists during a building project.

Roof contractors are licensed professionals who can oversee and direct the construction process through permits and inspections. Continue reading to learn more about the services that a typical roofing contractor provides.


Although a roofing contractor may not be qualified to inspect your roof, they can still evaluate the project and provide you with an estimate. The consultation is the first step of the roofing installation process. The consultation is where the roofing contractor will assess the scope and details of the project. After a preliminary assessment of the project, an estimate can be prepared so everyone knows how much it will cost to install a roof.


The next service a contractor offers is project evaluation. The contractor will assess your roof job, its requirements in terms of labor, equipment, and materials, and then determine the parameters of the project, such as timing and work schedule.


Depending on the size and complexity of your roofing project, multiple teams might be required. To remove and transport the old roof, you will need workers. To install the new roof, you will need roofing professionals. Without the proper supplies and delivery schedule, these professionals will not be able to work. A roofing contractor handles all of these tasks. The contractor acts as a project manager. The contractor organizes and manages all aspects of the roofing installation process. This includes scheduling skilled craftsmen and material procurement.


The paperwork will be handled by a roofing contractor who can help you navigate local authorities to obtain the green light for the project. This operation can be handled by a roofing contractor.


Your contractor will ensure that you are using the correct materials and following industry standards. Your contractor will be your advocate and intermediary to ensure that your roof is installed to your satisfaction.