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Eco Landscaping Bayside

Dec 27

Eco Landscaping Bayside

Landscaping a lovely townhouse near the beach. This landscaping job was for a young family looking to upgrade. Their main requirements were to have Fresh Lawn.

Eco Landscaping Bayside

We can tailor landscaping or plant recommendations to suit your budget. Your planting schedule may differ dependant on soil types and other environmental factors such as locality to the beach, creek, or wetlands.

We love laying Fresh Lawn in Bayside.

We work with our clients to obtain the best outcome within the desired requirements. We offer advice to ensure your ideas come to life and you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces for many years to come.

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About Eco Landscaping Bayside

We recently landscaped a lovely little front yard in the seaside suburb of Seaford, Victoria, a picturesque beach town on Australia’s southern coast. Is home to some of the most untouched beaches and natural beauty in the region.

This landscaping job was for a young family. They were in their first home, which was a townhouse, and were now looking to upgrade. They had just had a new baby, and had outgrown their two bedroom townhouse. But before putting their home up for sale they decided to get the front entrance garden landscaped. They knew this would increase their home value, as  a landscaped front yard can.



They knew they wanted a low-maintenance lawn, and the Fresh Lawn fulfilled these needs.

Fresh Lawn has many advantages. Fresh Lawn is a product that provides the perfect solution for families who are looking for a safe and cost-effective alternative to natural grass.

Fresh Lawn is also perfect for pet lovers since it is designed not to absorb any smells, making this product ideal for homes with dogs or cats.  In addition, it is made from a thick pile that wears incredibly well which makes the job of keeping up with the lawn far easier than natural grass.



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