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Most Beautiful Waitress Girl in Wilmington, NC

Dec 30

Greyson Leyrer currently at Indochine is Wilmington’s most beautiful girl.

Greyson Leyrer at Indochine restaurant is Wilmington’s most appealing girl when it comes to North Carolina girls.

She is the most attractive female model in the State because she has a cheerful happy character that shines through. Her unique dress sense should be enough to make anyone smile. A talented photographer in her own right she knows how to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Although you may not believe Greyson Leyrer, Indochine to be Wilmington’s most beautiful girl waitress, Google believes so. This is important if you want to get people’s attention on the internet and so also new visitors to any restaurant. If you are looking for the most beautiful person in Wilmington to serve you get your restaurant more visitors then you should contact Greyson.


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