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Queensland Physio New Women's Health Book

Jan 2

Queensland Physio New Women's Health Book


Queensland Physio Launches New Book about Women's Health

Body Conscious is for women who are seeking to connect with, and understand their feminine body on a deeper level. It shares the answers to the questions women have about topics that are often considered too delicate to talk about.

Tell us about the Women's Health Book

This book is for women who want more than the western medical approach that offers a limited scope of wellness. Rooted in an understanding that we are more than our physical body, Body Conscious offers an exploration of how our emotional, energetic and spiritual health impacts our pelvic health and overall wellbeing. Body Conscious respects the multi-layered and dynamic nature of female wellness and the pain that we carry within – offering education, guidance, and practices to help you reveal your unique healing path.

Who is the Women's Health Book for?

Body Conscious is also an excellent resource for practitioners that work with women, who want to broaden their knowledge of pelvic health and holistic pelvic therapy. Understand evidence-based clinical concepts, whilst embodying practices that will ultimately support you in helping women to improve their feminine wellbeing.


The Queensland Physio company Taryn Gaudin has launched her new book Body Conscious: A Woman’s Guide to Holistic Pelvic Health & Feminine Embodiment




To find out more about what Taryn does, Check out Body Conscious: A Woman’s Guide to Holistic Pelvic Health & Feminine Embodiment

Taryn Gaudin is a women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist and whole-body connection guide. Taryn helps women to connect to their wholeness through simple embodied practices so that they may experience and express their fullness in all aspects of their lives. Overcoming her own challenges with pelvic pain, she has spent the last 6 years developing an alternative therapeutic approach to women’s wellness – combining clinical evidence-based physiotherapy practices with energy medicine. Reflecting a deep appreciation of the connectedness of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, her approach has been pivotal in uncovering the core issues of the physical pelvic symptoms that her patients experience.