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What does UGG mean in Australia?

Mar 8

Australian UGG Boots and their meaning

Australians love their ugg boots. They are so handy, and keep you super warm in the winter. Imagine how cold it would be without these wonderful boots. I personally love these boots because they keep my feet warm and I can wear them to work or on a night out. I think every girl should invest in a pair, even if you wear them indoors, they will make your feet feel great!

Australians are known for their love of UGG boots. The popularity of UGG boots have spread. No matter where you go in Australia, you can find a pair of UGG boots! Ugg are always worth the purchase! They're always well made and help you stay warm in the winter. So next time you're in Australia and need a pair of boots, pick up a pair of UGG boots!


What does UGG mean in Australia?


Some Aussie slang! The term "ugg" is used to refer to any sheepskin boot in Australia. Sheepskin boots are a popular item of apparel among Australians. Worn as a slipper the style of boot is especially popular during the Australian winter. 


A popular legend of the name's origin has it that Australian soldiers fighting in the South African War referred to the boots as "ugg boots", while they were wearing them to keep warm during cold weather. The boots themselves are known mostly by their generic name and are not marketed under a specific brand name.


What Different Styles Of Ugg Boots Are There?

There are so many different styles and colours of uggs to choose from. Which ones should I pick?

  • Tall Ugg boots
  • Short ugg boots
  • Mini ugg boots
  • Slippers and scuffs
  • Buttons 
  • Ribbons


There are plenty of colours and styles of ugg boots to choose from here at SOXnUGGs. You can get the classic tall ugg boots or the taller ones with buttons in the front. We also sell short ugg boots and the shorter ones with ribbons in the front. We also sell mini ugg boots and slippers! If you want more of a casual look, we sell boots with ribbon ties and bows! No matter what you're looking for, we're sure we've got something for you.


When winter kicks in, you will want to be prepared for it. Having warm clothes is vital for staying comfortable in the cold, and it's important to be warm and comfy in the winter! Ugg Boots are the perfect winter boots to keep you warm during the cold days and nights. The boots are made from sheepskin, which insulates your feet keeping them warm. They are durable and easy to use, making them an essential winter product.


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