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Mar 31

Here are some reasons your air conditioner smells

You are experiencing strange smells coming from your vents or air conditioner. It is possible that your AC unit is malfunctioning, causing a strange smell. This could be a safety or health hazard. Your AC may smell for several reasons. Do not panic! Washington HVAC Boss is available to assist with any of these problems.

It can be alarming if your home is filled with a burning stench. It could be dust or dirt burning. The motor may be overheating or a damaged capacitor if the burning smell persists. The motor is powered by a capacitor. If it is damaged, it can overheat. Overheating a motor means that the bearings are likely to be worn. The air filter can become clogged and can cause overheating of electrical components if it is not changed regularly. Other problems could include the AC fan, compressor, circuit board. Turn off the AC at the breaker.

Do you smell acetone? This is what nail polish remover smells and tastes like. You may have a refrigerant problem. The AC coil may crack or become brittle if it is not properly maintained. This can not only cause your AC unit to perform poorly, but it can also pose a danger to your health.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the smells of rotten foods? This could be due to dead animals such as birds, rodents, and lizards. These animals can get into the air ducts but cannot escape. They will eventually decay, and you'll notice a strong odor in your home if the AC is on.

Mold could be growing in the air ducts if the smell is strong and musty. Mold can grow if moisture from the unit doesn't drain. Mold can be very dangerous and spreads through your home when the Air Conditioning Service Washington DC is running. The smell should not be a concern if this is the case.

You should never ignore the smell of sulfur in rotten eggs. A gas leak could occur if you smell a rotten egg smell. It is important to not switch on any electrical appliances or use lighters if you smell them. Get out of your home, open your windows and call your gas company.

We do not recommend that anyone attempt to fix their AC unit. If you smell something strange, call Washington HVAC Boss at (202) 980 8310. Or schedule an appointment through our website. These issues can be solved quickly and you can enjoy your home again.


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