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The Fashion Trends of Summer 2022: Your Guide

Apr 20

The sun is shining, the hemlines are rising, and the streets are awash in brilliant, vibrant hues. It can only mean one thing: the Spring 2022 fashion trends have here. It's time to put those gray knitwear aside and tuck those wool pants away since the spring 2022 wardrobe has a cheerful, wacky feel to it.

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Spring Trends in 2022

Now that the darkest days of winter are passed, it's time to look ahead to spring 2022 fashion trends, which always provide a breath of new air to my closet. While my transitional wardrobe is quite simple—a trench coat, multicolored Breton stripes, and worn-in Converse sneakers—I know that a new viral trend will sweep the internet and, as a result, impact me. Yes, even the most ardent proponent of the capsule wardrobe may purchase Olivia Rodrigo's pop-punk platform boots.

Take solace in the knowledge that certain things haven't altered at all: flowers aren't revolutionary for spring, but these fashion trends are.

New Fashion Colors To Look Out For!

While liking the color green may not be a legitimate personality trait, it is a favorite shared among spring 2022 fashion lovers. Grass green has been having a moment during the last 18 months or so—thanks, Bottega Veneta—popping up on high-fashion runways and e-commerce retailers alike. This shade can breathe life back into your spring outfits—no matter if you choose a crisp blazer, a bucket hat or slingback sandals.

Fashion from the past

Skirt suits are having a moment, as seen on the runway and on our favorite celebs. Even better than buying a new one, take mom's old corporate America uniform from the 1980s to the tailor and get it updated for 2022. If you're looking to buy, experimenting with textures and patterns might help to update the look.

Younger singers and actors have flocked to this '90s and early '00s look, which they frequently combine with low-sling jeans or pants. While a baby tee may be worn in the winter with effort, the approach of spring makes this style much more weather-friendly when combined with shorts, skirts, and denim.

We are also seeing cute accessories, like for example practical backpacks by YesStyle.

Mini Skirts and Long Skirts

Low-rise skirts and pants were everywhere on the spring runways. You may avoid this one if you were never a fan of this look in the early 2000s, but if you're looking for a change from high-waisted jeans and skirts, why not try something new?

Long skirts are the ideal spring transitional piece, keeping your legs warm without compromising comfort in tight pants. While maxi skirts are a must-have in every wardrobe, the approach of spring gives you more leeway to experiment with them: make them asymmetrical, metallic, or pleated (or all of the above!).

The miniskirt isn't going anywhere. You're probably familiar with the khaki Miu Miu mini, but have you considered the Prada satin variant with a five-foot train? Or how about a Saint Laurent tweedy with a faux-fur hem? What about Versace's silky lime number with the seductive slit? There are many of selections in stores; just have faith that you'll find the perfect little for you.

The micro-mini skirt, popularized by Miu Miu, is the most talked-about fashion of 2022. Nicole Kidman, Hailey Bieber, Saweetie, and pretty much every other fashion influencer on the planet have worn a variation of this cheeky (maybe literally) skirt that blends our current obsession with Y2K classics with prep school-inspired design. This outfit may not be for everyone, but it is an excellent fashion statement.

Trench Coats are a type of trench coat that is worn over

There's nothing quite like a classic trench coat to signal the arrival of spring. Every year, when the weather starts to warm up, you can depend on this wardrobe staple to return in full force. Take some inspiration for your spring ensembles from Hailey Bieber, the queen of the trench coat. Whether they're pleather or not, they're ideal for layering over sweatpants to elevate any casual ensemble.

Jackets made of leather

Leather jackets, dark blazers, and denim chore coats are always in trend, so why not try a color-blocked track jacket or bomber for spring? The style has an arty new appearance that's more appropriate for a trip to the museum than a trip to the sports field, thanks to tones of blue (courtesy of Loewe) or hot pink (courtesy of Valentino).

Jeans with a low rise

Low-rise jeans aren't the only Y2K-inspired fashion fad that has made a comeback. Consider butterfly themes, tinted sunglasses, chiffon, and a lot of pink to be returning.


However, in contrast to the apocalyptic conditions that the fashion industry experienced in 2020, the year 2021 brought to light amazing social media-driven digital trends and beautiful clothes that aimed to pull you out of quarantine.

And, in contrast to the bland aesthetics of 2021, this year features more vibrant and daring designs, fueled in part by a desire to return to "normal" living and in part by the burgeoning TikTok fashion culture.

In the sense of copying the forms and patterns of those seasons, current fashions reflect 90s fashion trends to some extent. There is, however, one significant difference: this time, traditional styles are reimagined in enormous and brightly colored athletic and streetwear fashions.

In the post-COVID age, keeping up with the newest fashion trends is critical, especially as the environment changes and morphs. See how you, too, can appear on par next year with these stylish, inventive, cheap, and easy-to-wear looks.