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Apr 23

Can you believe it's almost summer? It seems like yesterday when we were ringing in a new year. Now, we are in the midst of spring.

You can forget about your trees after all the chaos caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people are now able to adjust to this new "normal" and many clients, both residential and commercial, have contacted us to book their spring and summer DC tree trimming or pruning appointments.

It's important to note that not all trees can be pruned in winter. We can help you determine the best time to trim and prune your trees. Washington Tree Solution in Washington provides all our customers with the information that they need to make informed decisions about their property. We'll let you be aware if you don't require tree service until winter.

However, some trees can be best trimmed in the summer. We'll talk about some of the reasons below. Request a free estimate if you are certain that your trees should be trimmed before the fall.



No matter whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, the last thing that you want is for someone to get hurt or your car to be damaged by a fallen tree branch. Washington gets a lot of snow every year, so you are probably used to seeing your trees look a bit worse when it starts to thaw.

However, the elements can also cause damage to trees in other seasons. Summer storm damage can also weaken trees and cause them to fall in unexpected ways. As the weather gets warmer, it is important to inspect your trees for any damage. For a post-storm inspection, you can call our team!


In addition to what was discussed in the previous section, safety is not the only reason you should call a professional tree company after your trees are damaged. It is important to prune dead branches as soon as you notice them. This will ensure the health of your entire tree. Dead or damaged branches can lead to disease and rot. Call an expert as soon as possible!


While we've discussed the many things that can be avoided by trimming and pruning trees, what about the benefits? While we won't go into detail about weeds, trees are healthier when all parts of the organism can grow simultaneously. Regular trimming and pruning are essential to ensure that the tree does not become overcrowded and suffers from poor health. Although it might seem odd that pruning and trimming trees would encourage growth, we are confident that you will notice the difference.


No matter if you own a commercial or residential property, unsightly trees should not be the first thing friends, family, employees, customers, or guests see when they come to your home. You could do tree trimming and pruning yourself, but that could lead to long-term damage. Many of the tree trimming or pruning appointments that we schedule at this time of year are caused by well-intentioned mishaps. Let us assist you and ensure the job is done right the first time, instead of hiring a tree service company to correct a mistake.

To request a quote for your home, or business, please use the Contact page. Or give us a phone call. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and serve Washington as well as many other areas. We can guarantee that your trees will look their best no matter what condition they are in when you call.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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