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Apr 23

What are the Common Types of Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

If properly maintained, commercial flat roofing contractors will tell you that your commercial roof will last up to 20 years. Many commercial flat roofing contractors offer services related to flat roof repair Katy Texas. Your roof might not last 20 years if it is damaged by weather or snow accumulation.

Roofs are complex systems. It is important to have a professional assess the situation and determine whether it is time to repair or replace them. Katy Roof Repair can help you assess your commercial roofing situation and determine if there is damage to your roof's exterior.

Five Types of Commercial Flat Roof Repairs

Shingle Repairs

Your first contact with the weather is your shingles. They must be maintained in a good condition to keep your facility dry and warm. There are many common problems with shingles. The first is granule loss. With shingles balding, water will find it easier to get in because the granules move water from the eavestrough to the downspout. If you see cracks, curls, or broken shingles, shrunken and missing shingles, it is a sign to be concerned. This indicates that the decking is not receiving adequate coverage. Water will seep into the wood and cause rot. You can bet your shingles are leaking if they are damaged. Water will get to exposed areas and then leak in if the shingles are not properly covered. Pay attention to valleys on your roof. These shingles wear much faster than in other areas because they absorb the majority of rainwater and channel it to the gutters. These areas are prone to leakage and can be dangerous if they are neglected.

Flashing Repairs

Professional roofing contractors will use galvanized or zinc alloy to seal areas around chimneys, dormers, walls, and other areas where the roof connects with a vertical plane. Some flashing may lift because of a missed seal. This is all that water needs to make an entry. Substandard work can lead to costly repairs.

Gutter Maintenance and Repairs

Rain gutters are located at the roof's edge and help move water to the ground. They will also receive any debris from your roofs, such as leaves or twigs. This will cause them to clog and collect in the channels. The gutters are not designed to hold excessive weight. Once the material gets wet it becomes heavier and can freeze during winter. To avoid costly repairs or water spilling onto the gutters, it is essential that every building owner maintains clean gutters. Katy Roof Repair recommends a bi-annual cleaning for your rain gutters. This will allow you to maintain optimum performance.

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

Any commercial roofing system can leak. Water pooling, stains, water puddles, and streams on the walls all indicate trouble. If water stains or other visible signs appear, they should alert the building owner. After identifying the problem, a commercial roofing contractor can help you to fix it.

Poor Ventilation Causes Damage

The most important aspect of any commercial roofing system is ventilation. Ventilation is essential for protecting the system. If your attic heats up due to insufficient ventilation, the heat is vented through the roof. No matter what kind of roofing material you use on your commercial building, it will fry on hot days like an egg on the pavement. The heat from the roof will cause water to turn into mold and algae. This can lead to a biohazard in your building and increase costs.


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