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May 12

Four Gross Things Hidden in Your Couch

Think about what you use most often in your home. You'll find the couch at the top of your list.

Think about the things you clean most often. It's unlikely that your couch is on this list. We use our couches almost every day but rarely clean them.

These 5 things could be lurking on your couch if it has been a while since your last deep clean.

Dust Mites And Allergens

Dust mites, which look like tiny insects, love to nest in upholstery's soft fibers. It is gross to think of tiny creatures living in furniture. Mites can also shed their skin and leave behind feces that can be inhaled. This can lead to asthma and allergies.

Your upholstery may also contain allergens such as dust mites. You can also bring pollen in from the outside. Pet hair and fur can collect on your couch if they are domestic animals. All this can lead to allergies.

These pesky mites, and allergens, can't be removed by regular vacuuming. If you have allergies, it is important to have your upholstery professionally cleaned every six months.

Midland Master Carpet Cleaners can be your partner in creating allergy-free homes.


Mold can grow in furniture if it is located in warm, humid areas. Because basements are darker and more humid than other rooms in your home, mold can be a problem. Mold can also develop after a flood or another water-related event.

Mold can seep into upholstery like a sponge. This creates an unhealthy environment that increases the risk of asthma and other respiratory problems.

While storing furniture in dry places and using a dehumidifier can help to prevent mold growth, it is difficult to get rid of mold that has already developed. Professional furniture cleaners are your best option for restoring furniture to its original health.

Grease and Oils

The oil that our skin naturally produces is absorbed into the fabric by our bodies when we touch and sit on furniture or other upholstery. Because our skin has the most direct contact with your furniture, you might notice more oil on the armrests and head. The buildup of oil can cause dirt to stick to the furniture and increase the appearance of stains.

You're likely to have left food grease on your couch if you ever ate popcorn or snacked on other foods on the couch. In addition to staining your furniture, it can attract more contaminants.

It's almost inevitable that oils will collect on our couches because we use them every day. Routine upholstery cleaning can keep those greasy germ zones under control, and extend the life expectancy of your furniture fibers.

Other Toxic Chemicals and Particles

Anything that is in your home's air will eventually find its way onto your upholstery. It could be anything, from paint particles to household cleaners to dust. You never know what might blow in from the outside if you have your windows left open.

These chemicals can cause irritation to the skin and lungs. A non-toxic, green-certified upholstery cleaning service will eliminate them.

Do you need a carpet cleaning in Midland TX? Midland Master Carpet Cleaners is the right company to call.


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