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May 30

Five Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Larger

A bathroom remodel Wilmington NC can be as simple as an aesthetic update or a complete bathroom overhaul. When form meets function, the bathroom will be at its best. This creates a relaxing atmosphere. A small bathroom layout can become cramped and unattractive over time. This is especially true when certain elements in your space actually reduce the size of the bathroom, rather than expand it.

We can help you transform your bathroom and make it look larger. Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing bathrooms of all sizes. These five changes can make a small bathroom appear larger without altering the layout.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

You can make your bathroom larger without having to remodel the entire thing. Each one will be discussed in detail, and we'll show you how they can increase the space.

  1. Modernized Shower Enclosure
  2. Tile
  3. Shelving & Storage
  4. Paint
  5. Decor

How to make a small bathroom look bigger by updating the shower enclosure

A frameless, clear glass shower enclosure is an option. The shower or combination bathtub/shower is likely to take up most of the bathroom's space. Due to their size and the necessary connections, you only have so many options for the bathroom remodeling.

Clear glass enclosures make the bathroom appear larger because the eye can see further. If you have the space, you might consider a doorless shower. This update may have been on your mind. Consider these things: Would the door open on a sliding track or pivot? Will the door open to the right or left if it pivots? Wilmington Remodelers' bathroom remodeling specialists can help you to understand your options.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger with tile

For homeowners who want to refresh their bathrooms, tile renewal is the best option. You can give your bathroom a new look by adding new tile. There are many options for color, pattern, and size. The key to making a small bathroom seem larger with tile is the placement. The bathroom can look larger if the tiles are placed all the way to the ceiling. The space may appear less cohesive if there are multiple stopping points or gaps between the different materials.

Not only is it important to place tiles floor-to-ceiling, but also size and color. Wilmington Remodelers has a variety of showroom displays that will help you visualize how different tile patterns might look in your space. You will feel more spacious in your space if you choose lighter colors. This is particularly important if your space doesn't have enough natural light.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger with shelving & storage

Bathrooms require storage! It is essential to have easy access to your daily needs. However, if you have a small bathroom layout, it can be difficult to find the right storage solutions. Recessed shelving is an option. Hidden storage is a great alternative to freestanding units.

A pedestal sink is a great way to make your bathroom appear larger. Be sure to consider where your stored items will be placed before you make the leap. You need to consider the tradeoff: pedestal sinks can increase your floor space, make your space look larger, and shrink your countertop space. There are many small bathroom remodeling options that will maximize storage space and space if you're considering a bigger remodel.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger by updating the paint

A popular option for updating a bathroom is to use new paint. Choosing bathroom colors takes a lot of thought. It is important to consider your overall aesthetic vision.

Paint can be a big help in opening up small bathrooms. What colors can make a small bathroom seem larger? Your bathroom will look bigger if you use lighter colors. Take into account the natural light available in your bathroom and your fixtures and accents. Your wall color can be a shade darker if you use bright accents that are light in color. If natural light is not available or your accent colors have dark tones already, you can choose a lighter wall color.

A good tip to make a small bathroom seem larger is to reduce the color contrasts. A wainscot painted in a different hue than the wall can cause the eyes to pause. The space can appear smaller if there are too many pauses.

You can make a small bathroom look bigger with the right decor choices

You can make small bathrooms look larger by adding decor, such as tile, paint, or tiles to the shower enclosure. Remember the mantra: Less is more. In a small bathroom layout, there is a fine line between clutter and decorative accessories. Pay attention to how many trinkets you have on the sink, what artwork is on the wall, and if there are any competing rugs.

Mirrors are another decor upgrade that can increase the space. Mirrors that are larger than usual create the illusion of more space and reflect more light into your room. Frameless mirrors, which are similar to shower doors add the illusion of more space.

Local experts can make a small bathroom look bigger with their help

Great! You have a vision. Wilmington Remodelers' team of experts uses a particular bathroom remodeling procedure. It's all about teamwork from the beginning, as long as you have a vision.

Our top priority has been to assist our customers with the bathroom remodeling process. Wilmington Remodelers will be there to help you through every step, offering advice and answering any questions. Our prices are guaranteed to be equal to or lower than any other qualified contractor for the same project.

Request a free estimate or come to one of our bathrooms today.


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