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Jun 18

Four Common Materials to Refinish Your Cabinet

Cabinet refinishing is one of the main tasks in a kitchen remodel. Kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years. Refacing means that you will remove the outer layer of the cabinet and replace the hardware to give it a sleeker look. Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing is recommended for any restoration project. Here are some details about the materials and how to reface.

1. PVC Vinyl Cabinet

PVC is one of your most affordable options for cabinet refinishing. PVC is easy to install and is inexpensive. It requires very little labor which further reduces the cost. They are more resistant than wood to moisture, rotting, and termites.

They aren't scratch-resistant, which is their biggest drawback. PVC Vinyl can warp when exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

2. Refacing with Wood

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing uses wood as a common material. Wood's warm rustic color stands out against modern kitchen interiors. You have many options, including mahogany, cherry, and oak as well as a variety of styles.

Wood can rot if it is exposed to high levels of moisture. To protect wooden cabinets, you can use a conversion varnish. This coating resists water and chemicals in your kitchen.

3. Medium Density Fiberboard, (MDF).

MDF is a new material that is popular in many home renovation projects. MDF is created by pressing layers of wood particles together with resin. It is a durable, smooth material with no inconsistencies.

MDF is a great choice for applications that may require painting in the future. MDF's surface does not have grain patterns, which could affect the consistency of a coat of paint. MDF is not affected by temperature fluctuations, which is unlike wood. MDF is vulnerable to rot if it is exposed to excessive moisture. It has a shorter life expectancy than pure wood products.

4. Rigid Thermofoil

The Rigid Thermofoil is a derivative of medium-density fiberboard. It is made up of MDF that has been bonded to a vinyl layer under pressure. RTF mimics wood and is popular among homeowners who are looking for Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing.

Replacing Hardware

You must check the condition and age of the hardware before you decide on the material to use. When refinishing a cabinet, you may need to replace drawer pulls and door hinges.

To ensure safety, slow-closing hinges can be used to avoid accidents. Consider decorative trims and moldings if you're looking for dramatic refacing.

To enhance the ambiance, you might also want to add accessories such as lighting. Do you require additional storage? Are glass panels a feasible option for your kitchen? These are just a few of the questions to ask Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing before you call.

Select the right refacing material Kansas City

Your kitchen's use and aesthetic preferences will determine the material you choose to refinish your cabinets. PVC is easy to install and affordable. However, you might prefer the rustic look of wood veneer. A Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing professional can help you navigate the various options. Better Than New Kitchens can provide more information.


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