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Jul 5

New Haven's Best Solar Inverters

Inverters are a crucial component of any system. While solar panels receive a lot of attention, they are still very important. For optimal solar energy production, it is crucial to choose the right inverter.

If a solar inverter's capacity is too small, it can "clip power." This will mean that some of the sun's energy is lost and your utility bills won’t go down. Proper inverter selection is crucial if there are complicated rooflines or shading.

While solar panels can generate power for up to 25 years, inverters have a shorter life span. This is because solar inverters can need to be replaced when the panels are still young.

Smart Solar New Haven is committed to installing solar power systems that produce clean energy for many decades. We only install the highest quality solar inverters available. These inverters are reliable and come with long warranties to protect your investment.

What does a solar inverter do?

The sun reflects sunlight onto your solar panels and creates electricity. This is called direct current (DC), which means that the power travels in only one direction. Your household appliances and power grid, on the other hand, use alternate current (AC), which is more efficient at transmitting electricity over long distances. AC power allows electrons to move in both directions.

Smart Solar New Haven considers the following when selecting a solar inverter:

  • The efficiency of the solar inverter is Just like solar panels, not all solar inverters are equal in terms of efficiency. Higher-efficiency equipment will produce more electricity than solar panels. In most cases, solar inverters work at 95% efficiency.
  • Inverter Capacity: We want to give your home the best power possible without overloading the equipment. Inverters that are too small will result in wasted energy from your panels.
  • Protect your investment in solar energy with product warranties Our 25-year labor and repair warranty will ensure that your solar panel system is protected against equipment failure.
  • Your property's unique characteristics: Smart Solar New Haven customizes every solar energy system to meet your needs and property. Your roof might have shading, or you wish to install solar storage batteries. This could impact the way we design your solar system. Because solar batteries store DC power, they also require an inverter.
  • Where is the inverter manufactured Many Smart Solar New Haven customers prefer to purchase equipment made in the Pacific Northwest. We use APsystems Microinverters a lot, as the company is based out of New Haven.

What are the types of solar inverters available?

There are many types of PV inverters available to solar companies. While large solar companies may adopt a generic approach to installing solar systems and take the same approach as other companies, we tailor each installation to meet our clients' needs, budgets, and property. We install the three most popular types of residential inverters.

Solar Microinverters

Installers mount PV Inverters on the back of solar panels to convert DC power into AC power. Each solar panel is therefore equipped with its own unit. If you have a 20-panel system, for example, you will have 20 microinverters. Because they offer several benefits, many systems we install have microinverters.

Can I leave my solar inverter on at night?

Yes, solar systems can be turned on and off according to their needs. Inverters that use solar energy are extremely efficient and require very little electricity to work. You don't have to do anything except turn on your system. Our solar systems that have battery storage can detect if the power grid goes down and will automatically turn on your household's essential energy loads.

Find the right inverter for your solar system

Smart Solar New Haven customizes every solar energy project for New Haven homeowners. We also weigh multiple factors. We determine if the solar system has batteries and if the roof is shaded.

We have the most advanced inverters and solar panels on the market. We often install Enphase or APsystems microinverters, SolarEdge central inverters, or Generac Power Systems central Inverters.


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