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Green energy bill assistance.

Jul 17

Connecticut has a wide range of funding options for businesses looking to make energy-saving investments. They also offer technical support services and financial assistance to assist with modernizing, upgrading, and improving their bottom line. The Department of Economic and Community Development will work with you to determine the best energy options for your company.

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy).

The program provides 100% financing to make green energy upgrades affordable and accessible. It offers 100% financing for energy improvements to residential, commercial, institutional, and infrastructure properties. C-PACE provides assistance to:

Property owners

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy), a financing option from Connecticut Green Bank, makes green energy upgrades affordable, safe, and accessible.

C-PACE allows building owners to enjoy the benefits of energy upgrades and pay for them over the long term. This is done through a voluntary benefit assessment lien that is levied against the property and recorded. Real property taxes will be repaid. It is a safe investment that will produce returns for many years.


C-PACE, a unique financing program, helps property owners of all types, including commercial, industrial, and non-profit, get long-term, affordable financing for green energy upgrades. C-PACE allows building owners to enjoy the benefits of energy upgrades right away and then pay for them over time with a voluntary assessment.


The Connecticut Green Bank administers the innovative program Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C–PACE). This allows property owners of commercial, industrial, and non-profit properties to access long-term, affordable financing for green energy upgrades.

C-PACE has far-reaching effects on municipalities. C-PACE helps strengthen local economies and increase the number of buildings that are energy-efficient in cities and towns. C-PACE improves the business climate in municipalities and creates stronger, healthier communities.

Capital Providers

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy financing (C-PACE), which helps property owners of commercial, industrial, multifamily and non-profit properties get affordable, long-term financing to make green energy improvements to their buildings, is available. C-PACE in Connecticut, which is administered by Connecticut Green Bank, has been a success. It has helped to grow the green energy industry and advanced the business interests of many capital providers. C-PACE provides capital providers with many benefits and opens up new investment opportunities.

Mortgage holders

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy), is a program for financing green energy upgrades in commercial, industrial, and multifamily properties.

C-PACE is managed by Connecticut Green Bank, the nation's first green banking institution. This bank is an expert in financing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and has been around since 1896. C-PACE financing can help building owners save money and increase their bottom line.


C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing) for industrial and commercial buildings makes it possible for businesses to improve their energy efficiency and make use of renewable energy.

C-PACE provides 100% financing for green energy upgrades. This helps to strengthen the economic and competitive positions of building owners. It makes their buildings more valuable and more efficient.

A green energy project can be difficult to appraise. C-PACE depends on the skills of an appraiser to evaluate how green energy upgrades can impact a building's valuation and make sure it meets underwriting criteria.

Energize Connecticut

This program may help you save money on your home and business energy by offering rebates, financing, and services to improve energy efficiency. This site allows you to compare rates between different suppliers and contractors, as well as discover programs that address the energy needs of your business.

The Connecticut Green Bank

The Green Bank, the state's most prominent agency for energy-saving investments, is its flagship. It has been a national model in public/private partnerships for clean energies. Employers can get affordable, long-term financing through the Green Bank for green energy improvements.

Possible Utility Bill Exemptions

Your company may be able to exempt a portion from the utility bill if your project creates more than 100 jobs or if there is a minimum demand of 50 kilowatts. The Department of Economic and Community Development will facilitate a meeting between you and the appropriate electrical and telecommunications providers for the site.