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Jul 21

Our technicians found that it takes three to five hours to clean an air duct system. This includes the supply side, return side, blower compartment, and blower wheel. It depends on how large your HVAC system is.

We are often asked by Tucson Duct Cleaning Tucson how long it takes for us to clean your air ducts. Cheap companies claim they can clean your HVAC system quickly. This is a mistake. Duct Cleaning Tucson takes the time to make sure your air ducts are clean. This will improve your air quality, reduce your electricity bills, and give you peace of mind. We want our Tuscon AZ neighbors to be able to understand how to clean air ducts properly and to educate them on ways to avoid air duct cleaning scams.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Process

Our experienced technicians can complete a thorough cleaning in three to five hours depending on the size and complexity of your HVAC system. We can complete an air duct cleaning job in three hours for a small house. Larger houses, typically over three thousand square feet, take closer to that five-hour mark for a thorough air duct cleaning service. There are always projects outside this range. Our team has worked in large spaces such as downtown homes. It was 7,700 square feet and took us six hours to complete. We wanted to be thorough and didn't cut corners. It takes on average three to five hours. However, our free online estimates will let you select the square footage of each room so that our experts can give you a more accurate time estimate.

What Are Cheap Carpet Cleaners and Air Duct Cleaners Doing Wrong

There are many companies that claim to clean your air ducts in as little as one to one-and-a-half hours. I have never seen any cleaner stay longer than that. If you hire a carpet cleaner or an inexpensive air duct cleaner with coupons, they will be there and out in about.75 to.5 hours. You didn't clean your air ducts properly, I am telling you now. Cheaper air duct cleaners and carpet cleaners can cause a lot of dust to build up in your system. Cheap air duct cleaners won't have the time to set up a proper negative-air system to sweep every line and trunk line. They don't clean your HVAC system completely. These companies don't cover all the essentials, let alone cleaning the blower compartment or the return drop. Cheap carpet cleaners and air duct cleaners don't get the job done in such a short time. It's impossible to do this properly.

Why Tucson Duct Cleaning?

If your air duct cleaning takes less than three hours and you hire a cheap company, there's a good chance that your system was not effectively cleaned. Duct Cleaning Tucson prefers to be thorough over being fast. Our team is experienced and values quality more than speed. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the time it will take to clean your entire home. To learn more about Tucson Duct Cleaning, contact us today.


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