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Don’t Let Bugs & Rodents in Your HVAC Vents Spoil

Jul 28

Summer is here and that means summer vacation and no school. People who love the outdoors and don't mind bugs can go camping with no worries. Even a tick bite won't stop them from going. They can take along their insect repellents and their portable sleeves for outdoor adventures like boating, swimming, or hiking.

Many people, on the other hand, are tired of summer outside because they can't take the allergens and bugs that seem to bother them. These people will move from their air-conditioned homes to their cars or to the coldest malls in their area to chill out. They prefer indoor water parks for recreation as they don't like the heat and humidity of outdoor pools. They don't like yellow jackets or other insects crawling and flying around their iced coffee.

Your air-conditioned home may not be free from bugs if your children spend most of their time in it. Although you might see a few spider webs around your home, you shouldn't be too concerned. Spider webs are known to attract bugs. Did you know that your HVAC system can harbor insects and other living pests? These pests can cause HVAC systems to malfunction or reduce efficiency.

What causes insects to enter your vents?

Your HVAC vents are dark and moist, which makes it easy for pests to get in. The temperature of your home changes, so the central air turns on and off. This makes it easy for crawlies to get into the vents. Mozzies, like mosquitoes, love to lay eggs in moist areas. If there is any condensation around the unit this will attract mosquitoes and cause them to multiply quickly. Below are some pests that love to live in HVAC vents. You may be surprised at how many of them are not benign. The type of pests that live in your HVAC system will depend on where you are located. Here is a list of the most common ones.


While most spiders are harmless, some are poisonous. You don't want to have a large number of them in your home. Spider webs found outside of a home and spun between fence railings can be a sight to behold. This beautiful web was created by a spider to trap small insects. The exterminator should be able to see a lot of spiders in your house. However, they might also need to seal any gaps in your HVAC system that may have been hidden.


One mosquito is not something anyone wants in their home. Your family will be in serious trouble if there is more than one mosquito in their home. No one would ever think of spraying repellent in the home. Although mosquitoes can be small and difficult to catch, they can cause serious health problems such as viruses.


Let me tell you about these horrifying creatures, which can live up to eighteen years if you're one of those people who mistakenly thinks this word refers to a water animal. They are known as fish because their scales resemble fish and they can move quickly side-by-side. It looks almost like a fish tail swimming in water. They will often take up space in bathrooms and under sinks. They are nocturnal and have six legs and no wings.

Silverfish love starchy foods such as cardboard and books. They can be found in books that haven't been opened in a while, either on bookshelves or in draws. You should only find a few of these animals, so they don't become alarming. As long as your HVAC system remains sealed, it shouldn't cause any problems. If they persist in multiplying and remain alive, you should call an exterminator.

Final Words

Summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sunshine and water. When it comes to rodents and bugs, we should be careful and inspect our homes. These pests may be enjoying the outdoors while you're out enjoying the summer, but they are also preparing for winter by creating nests and destroying various components of the HVAC system under your nose.


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