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Incurring Damage Amidst a Home Renovation

Jul 28

My family and I are currently undergoing a home remodel while we live in our home. Although this isn't something contractors enjoy, they are able to handle it. The workers were getting the steps ready to be repainted last week. The steps needed to be cleaned of all carpet and underlay. The walls were then leveled on both sides after the old railing at the base was removed. This was all done as kids were climbing up and down the stairs throughout the day. My family was a bit overwhelmed by the task of constructing the new set.

Construction can go wrong, and furniture and areas that have been renovated well can be damaged. This can lead to frustration and endless headaches. Think about it. You are trying to make your home more comfortable and attractive. A careless worker may leave a chemical on a dresser, or not use drop cloths for painting walls. You could feel uneasy about the contractor and have a bad feeling.

We'll discuss how to avoid damage caused by workers during a home remodel and how to communicate with contractors if you do get hurt. This is a difficult task because you don't want to cause a conflict between yourself and your contractor right in the middle of a job. It is possible to claim damage during a home remodel, but it is important to do so in a professional manner to maintain a good working relationship with your contractor.

Do Not Expect Anything to Be Covered

We often make mistakes by expecting certain outcomes in life. Unfortunately, more often than we think things will turn out as planned. It is important to make sure that your home is clean and tidy before any home renovations are started. It's possible for furniture to be damaged by workers who aren't always gentle. Don't forget to cover your furniture if the contractor isn't there. Grab some drop cloths and get covering. You can also use cardboard boxes, plastic tablecloths, or any other material that will protect you from construction debris.

You should remove any artwork or photos that are special to you from the wall. Wrap them in old towels, bubble wrap, or packing paper, and place them somewhere high away from the work area. It is important to avoid oil paintings coming into contact with the actual painting. Sometimes it takes up to a year to dry completely. The paint can also melt if stored in an area that is too hot. It is best to find a safe place to hang your painting.

Drywall Cutting

An electrician will use a recessed lighting hole saw to place spotlights in a home. This makes it easy to insert the light flush and requires little or no adjustments. Although the installation is relatively straightforward, it can make quite a mess. Drywall dust is difficult to clean up as it can travel all over the place. It can take several weeks for all dust to be removed from the grout between tiles or vinyl flooring planks. Sometimes, even after the dust has been completely removed, there may still be a little film that will not go away.

Final Words

We lost some linen and a bed frame during our home remodel. The paint splotches were eventually removed and I was sure to remind the workers that they will continue covering floors and furniture throughout the entire project. It was important to remember that you shouldn't assume anyone will take care of your items. Even if you tell the contractor a hundred times, flooring and furniture will not be covered. It's not the contractor doing the work, but his workers who don't always speak the same language.


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