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How Much Does It Cost to Ground an Outlet?

Aug 3

Although electrical work might not spark a literal spark, it can help to prevent one. Grounding your outlet is a crucial line of defense against electric shock and fires. It protects your home and appliances, and it is usually not that costly.

An average electrician will charge 213 for replacing an outlet. But that's only one piece of grounding. The cost of electrical work is more expensive the more complicated it is.

What is the Average Cost of Grounding an Outlet Per Outlet?

Grounding outlets can seem a bit expensive, but that is a good thing. A licensed professional can often ground an outlet. This involves redirecting the current to a grounding rod, which is anchored into the ground. The extra electricity will be sent to the ground in the event of a power surge. This will prevent any fires, shocks, or other damage to your appliances.

It is easy to swap out two-prong outlets from your home for three-prong outlets if it is wired properly. An electrician who is skilled in this task can complete the job in under 30 minutes. They will usually charge a minimal labor fee and additional costs for parts. The project typically costs $135 to $300, but it can be as low as $75 and as high as $485.

If your home does not have the proper wiring, things can get expensive. An electrician may need to install a grounding wire. This will add an additional $130-170 to the average 1,200-square foot home. Plus the cost of any parts.

If your electrician discovers significant electrical problems, such as damaged circuits or outdated panels, you might need to spend several thousand dollars. It is possible to spend $20,000 to completely rewire your home. However, this is rare. Grounding an outlet in modern homes is easy.

What factors influence the cost of grounding an outlet?

An electrician typically charges $50-100 per hour for labor. However, the time required to ground an outlet may vary. The scope of the job is the most important factor in determining the cost of grounding an outlet.

The Type of Outlet

Grounding jobs usually involve the replacement of an outlet. There are many types. Three-prong outlets are usually inexpensive and cost $5-15 each. However, a ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle (also known as a GFCI outlet) will run $7 to $25 per pop.

Moving an outlet or adding one

It is not as easy as moving or installing an outlet. There will be additional charges. Moving an outlet can be costly between $25-300 and adding a new outlet could cost between $100 to $185.

Add a ground wire

Many older homes use a two-wire system instead of a three-wire system. An electrician will need to add the third wire, also known as the ground wire, to ground the outlet. The average cost of wiring is $6-8 per foot. However, you will pay $130-$170 per connection for a larger house than it is in a smaller apartment.

Replacing or rewiring an electrical panel

Some electrical panels may not be grounded. Circuits can also get damaged by power surges. An electrician might need to replace or rewire your electrical panel. The cost of this job could range from $500 up to $4,500. Rewiring your entire house can be more expensive than replacing a few circuits.

Repairing or Replacing a Fuse Box

Older homes may still have fuse boxes, rather than electrical panels. To replace one fuse, may cost between 100 and $200. It can cost up $2,000 to replace a fuse box. Many homeowners choose to upgrade to an electric panel at this stage.

Opening Walls

Sometimes wires are not always easy to access. It is possible for your electrician to open up walls in order to rewire a portion of your house. This can lead to additional costs.

Electrical codes

Each room in your home has its own electrical code. The requirements for outlets will vary depending on where they are located. Bathrooms must have GFCI outlets to protect against electrocution. Modern homes are code-compliant, but older homes might need to be updated.



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