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How do I get a smooth moving day?

Aug 5

Are you ready to move? Between deciding to move and actually doing it, there are many things to do. You'll need to manage a lot of tasks before you can relax and enjoy your new home. Moving day is another thing. Even the most meticulous planners can find moving days overwhelming and exhausting. But there are some ways to make it easier. For tips on making sure everything goes smoothly, check out our moving day tips.

  1. Keep track of all the little things

    Some moving jobs can pile up quickly once the truck arrives. Did you empty those trash bags? You promised you would clean out the bathroom before you leave. Clear out the freezer and fridge. These simple but crucial tasks are often forgotten while packing. However, they can cause you to scramble at the last moment if you're not careful. Instead of trying to remember everything on moving day, make a list. This will allow you to prioritize your time, and you can wake up earlier if needed so that you have enough time to complete everything before you leave.

  2. Tip your movers with cash

    You will need cash to tip professional movers if you have hired them. It is enough to tip one helper at $20, but you might want to keep some extra cash in case they are truly exceptional. Although tipping movers is not required, it is appreciated. You can't tip with a check or credit card so cash is your best option.

  3. Set up your kid and pet arrangements in the early morning

    Moving day can be complicated if you have pets or children. This can be hazardous for both two-legged and four-legged children. It's best to have plans in place for your pets and kids before your move day. You can schedule a pickup or drop-off for your pets with a family friend or relative so that you can concentrate on all the other tasks. Keep your pets and kids entertained by using iPads or chew toys.

  4. Pack a cooler

    Moving day is a time when you have to do a lot. This requires lots of energy. It is easy to forget to drink or eat enough. This is why a cooler with water and snacks is a great idea. You can fill it with high-protein, low-mess food such as dried fruits, nuts, sandwiches, protein bars, and pre-made sandwiches. It might be worth packing more for your movers. When you feel tired mid-day, you'll be glad that you have a stocked cooler on hand.

  5. Your essentials bag for moving is important

    You can pack your moving essentials bag, also known as a "go" or small suitcase, with everything you need for moving day. Also, important documents and valuables that you don't want to take on the truck. You should include things such as phone chargers, medication, toiletries, and extra clothes. It should be kept in your car, or somewhere else where it can be easily retrieved for transport.

  6. Check that your phone is fully charged

    While you won't be able to spend much time on your phone on moving day playing Candy Crush, it is a good idea to have a full charge. It never is too late to get lost or coordinate your timing with your movers. Your phone should be charged at all times. Keep it plugged in until the day before you move.

  7. You don't need to buy basic cleaning supplies

    Although you may have completed your deep clean, it is a good idea to keep some basic cleaning supplies on hand in case of any emergency. You should have enough supplies to clean your home. A dustpan, broom, and a container of sanitizing wipes are sufficient. Your cleaning supplies should be kept in a place that won't get carried on the truck, such as your car or closet. You'll be able to see what last-minute cleaning is needed once the boxes have been cleared out.

  8. Take one more walkthrough

    It might be difficult for you to retrieve anything that you have left behind. Take a walk through your house and look out for any items you may have forgotten. Check all your cabinets, including the backs of shelves, and make sure you have everything you need packed and ready for you to go.

Moving day can be a challenge. It's impossible for anyone to predict everything that might go wrong. However, the tips above will help you make sure you have at least the basics covered. Ask a friend to help you on moving day. Even if your movers do all the hard labor, it is still very helpful to have another set of eyes looking over your list.


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