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How should customers prepare for moving days?

Aug 5

Moving day can be stressful if you've ever done any type of move. It won't take you long to direct the movers as they arrive at your house and get set up. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your move.

These are some things you can do before the movers arrive.

Get up early and be ready to help your movers

Although your moving crew should not arrive too early in the mornings, you need to be ready for them when they do. You will have time to eat a healthy breakfast and finish packing. Your movers are the last thing you need as you prepare to move.

Charge your electronics!

Keep your electronics charged. You may need to contact your partner, family members, or friends to discuss the moving day. A dead phone is not something you want. As you get ready for the move, make sure your phone is charged up!

Wear appropriate clothing

When you are preparing for your move, ensure that you are dressed appropriately. If you're moving in winter, ensure that you have warm clothes. You may think "I'll just be inside, everything will be fine", but remember that everything must be brought inside the house. As your movers move things into your new house, your door will likely be open quite a bit. Summer is the same. Make sure you're comfortable enough to be outside all day.

How to prepare for your move

Make sure to pack a bag for your first night.

Preparing the first-night bag is an important step in preparing for your move. It should include pajamas, a toiletries bag, and a charger for electronics. Also, a change of clothes, plastic utensils, paper plates, and paper plates. Moving day can be a tiring day. You will often be exhausted by the end of the day and not have the time to do any unpacking. You can have your first night in your new place ready without the need to search through boxes.

Preparation of food

You will need to prepare for the move by packing food. You may prefer to cook at home, but the order can save you money. You can save money by having food prepared or to enjoy during your move. This is something you should think about before you move. You can make sure that food and snacks are not lost or damaged during the process.

Important paperwork and valuables should be brought along

Long distance moving can make this more difficult. However, once you have figured out how to prepare for the move day, be sure to put away all valuables and paperwork. These items should be packed and taken with you. Smaller documents may get lost in packing paper and end up in the box by accident. Having these items on hand will ensure that you are able to locate them and reduce the risk of them getting lost during unpacking. For more information on how to get settled in your new home, visit our blog.

Set aside cleaning supplies

When you're preparing for your move, be sure to keep cleaning supplies on hand to clean up after the movers have completed loading everything. It can be difficult to find the mop, rubber gloves, or pails you need after everything has been packed up. You will be able to locate cleaning supplies easily if you forget them.

It can be difficult to move, but it can be made easier if you plan your move well in advance. It is important to know about your move at least a week in advance so you can start planning. It doesn't mean you have to pack everything 2 months ahead of time. But take the time to go through your belongings and get rid of anything that isn't necessary. You can get things organized if you have things you don't need but still want. Check out our blog for more packing tips.

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