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Aug 9


In the year 2011, Chrissy Bellman was in college and found herself with her friends in the dorm kitchen, trying to infuse tea within the smallest amount of space. The group of friends and she struggled to infuse tea. The kitchen was filthy and they left with a dirty, unclean cup of tea. Chrissy thought there must be a better solution. After that, she started bootstrapping the design and development of LEVO for five years while working for some of the world's largest companies. Today, LEVO boasts over 800 retail stores across the globe and a growing customer base, which includes Fortune 500 companies and the New York Times.

Less expensive option

The LEVO infuser is an excellent option to add herbal flavor to bath or food items. It uses three steps to extract flavor with smart temperature and time controls. You can also clean it with the help of a dishwasher. The LEVO comes in five colors available and you'll be able to pick one that is perfect for your bathroom or kitchen.

Levo II is a Levo II system simplifies the process of infusion with herbs. It's great for edibles infused with cannabis However, you can also use it for fresh herbs to spice up your meals. The LEVO can be used to decarboxylate botanicals, which makes them suitable for use in food. However, it is costly. If you're uncertain about the price tag, try the less expensive option first.

Cleanest tasting infusion

Infusing spices and herbs is easy with the LEVO infuser. You can infuse olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil ginger, garlic Italian seasonings and more. Levo Levo handles a variety of oils, such as grapeseed, ghee almond, mustard seeds. It's suitable for use in food items like sushi and hot dogs.

The digital interface of the LEVO I lets you choose the essential oils and herbs you'd like to blend. The interface walks you through the infusion and provides suggestions for what to do with the infusion. The reservoir of the infuser can be washed and is dishwasher safe and dishwasher safe, making it the most hygienic infusion on the market. The app offers simple and convenient menu planning and recipe ideas so that you can make the most out of your infusions.

Simple to make use of

The LEVO I is easy to use and allows you to make and store infused oil or butter. After the infusion period has finished the LEVO I automatically turns off. Simply press the button to pour the infused butter or oil in the reservoir. The strainer bag that comes with it is dishwasher-safe and is used to clean the reservoir more thorough. The LEVO I can be stored in the fridge or freezer after use.

Utilizing the LEVO infuser will save you time and effort. It is possible to infuse oils or butter with herbs to produce any flavor. Even flavor-infused honey and edible flowers can be used. With this gadget, you'll be able to enjoy the best infusions of butters and tinctures! It is also possible to use infused oils to flavor baked goods as well as sweets!

Dishwasher safe

The LEVO infuser is a premium kitchen appliance that uses controlled heat to gently infuse herbs into butter, oil, or lotion. The process of infusing is gentle and prevents air from getting into the product, which extends the shelf life of the product. You can utilize LEVO to infuse oils, butter, or lotion to use on the skin as well as create body scrubs using it. LEVO is dishwasher safe and can be used to make herbal and botanical infusions.

Infusers with the infuser in mind, the LEVO features a compact, ultrasonic design that lets you add essential oils to your beverage or food without causing a mess. You don't have to worry about it smears across your kitchen or adding additional ingredients to your drinks. It can be used repeatedly and over because it is dishwasher-safe.

Ideal for aromatherapy

The LEVO oil infuser is an excellent method to incorporate essential oils to your everyday life. It's affordable and easy to use. With its simple, convenient design it is easy to get the most out of essential oils without the difficulty of extracting them manually. The ultrasonic waves utilized by this device generate fine mists from essential oil droplets. It's easy to use and can provide a premium aromatherapy experience within minutes.

Whether you want to create your own relaxing massage oil or soak, essential oils are a great method to boost your mood and reduce stress. They can even reduce pain and relax muscles and ease tension. The LEVO oil infuser is very easy to use and is affordable to other aromatherapy infusers. You can design your own blends that are custom-made to your needs of essential oils for aromatherapy in a matter of seconds.