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Tree of Life Wood Carving - Wall Art

Aug 9

Whether you're decorating your home with a classic Tree of Life design or a new version, you can be certain to find a piece of tree of life wood carving that makes an impression. These carvings are created from Suar wood. It is multi-colored wood with an unnatural color spectrum of deep warm brown to pale ivory. Natural wood is characterized by knots, which aren't considered defects and differ in appearance. A ring attached to the reverse of the piece allows you to put it on the wall.

Balinese Tree of Life wood carving

This suar wood Balinese Tree of Life wood carver was crafted by hand in Bali with traditional tools. It is handcrafted with the classic Tree of Life motif and is finished with the dark brown hue. It's perfect for decorating a modern or contemporary home This piece is adaptable enough to complement a variety of different styles and decors.

Every Balinese Tree of Life wood carving is of the highest quality. Each piece is made by hand to create an original piece of interior decor. The fine details of every piece requires a masterful hand. As with all handcrafted items small variations will be evident, but aren't any reason to be worried about. These minor variations are an inherent part of the hand-crafted nature of the product. So, whether you want an old-fashioned or modern-day item, make sure you choose one that comes with a social responsibility component.

Solaris Ten wood wall panels designed after an old Tree of Life design

This stunning wood wall panel is handcrafted to look like an ancient Tree of Life. It features intricately detailed branches and leaves and hidden birds that form the Tree of Life. The original design has its roots in the history of antiquity and is all over the globe. The rustic dark brown finish makes it easy to put up on any wall. Hardware for hanging is provided on the reverse side.

Re-imagined Tree of Life wood carving

The Re-imagined Tree of Life wood-carving wall art is a beautiful carving of nature and development. This work was hand-carved in India by artisans who collaborated with Indian artisans. It shows off the gorgeous texture of mango wood. Birds sway from the branches. The tree of life has roots in the earth, and extends towards the sky, bridging the heavens and the earth. As with any art work that is made by hand there are small variations and there are no two pieces exactly the same.

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