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What firewood burns with less smoke?

Aug 23

You're familiar with firewood, whether it be for bonfires or campfires or fire pits or fireplaces. Some firewood emits a lot of smoke, while others burn very clean. You may have wondered which firewoods produce the most smoke. We have 9 firewood types that emit the most smoke.

Although all firewood will produce smoke, proper seasoning and informed wood selection can help you have a smoke-free fire. Low-smoke wood includes oak, ash, and beech. Some hardwoods like poplar, eucalyptus, and elm produce a lot of smoke when they are burned.

Because of the thick, choking smoke that keeps coming from the fire, no one wants to play musical chairs. If you plan to use firewood to heat your fireplace or wood-burning stove or if you invite guests over to a campfire in your backyard, you will need a pile of clean-burning firewood.

Green Firewood Makes the Most Smoke

All firewoods in this list have been properly seasoned. It doesn't matter what type of wood you use, ash is the exception to this rule. If your firewood has not been properly seasoned it will likely smoke a lot.

Heavy smoke indicates that the wood has still got a lot of moisture or sap in its pores. Properly seasoning firewood reduces its moisture level to around 20%. This is the ideal moisture level for proper burning.

Firewood that isn't properly seasoned will not burn well.

It is important to season firewood in a wood furnace. It is much easier to light seasoned firewood, it burns brighter, hotter, and produces less smoke.

As the water evaporates, green firewood will emit more smoke and hiss. Inefficient and wasteful fires that produce a lot of smoke are not efficient.

Lowest Smoke Production from Firewoods

No matter if you're buying firewood from someone else or cutting your own wood, it doesn't matter what. The more you know about firewood, the more you will be able to make informed decisions. Making informed decisions will ensure that your fires have the best chance of reaching their full potential.

Here's a list of firewood options that emits the least amount of smoke. Your guests won't be smoking or playing musical chairs around the firepit.

Before we start, let me say that all firewood will produce smoke when it is burned. The following list contains firewood that, when properly seasoned, burns correctly, and produces the lowest amount of smoke.

1. Ash

Ash firewood is excellent all-purpose firewood. It produces little smoke and gives off only a small amount of heat. This firewood can be processed in the spring and will be ready for burning when it cools down again.

2. Oak

Over 600 varieties of oak trees are available from all over the globe! We will be concentrating on the most popular varieties in the US, and then group them together into one category.

3. Maple

Maple trees are most commonly known for their syrup made from the sap of the sugar maple. There are many maple trees. However, they all are hardwoods that are well-burned. Although maple trees aren't as dense as oaks, they still burn well.

4. Applewood

Applewood is another great-smelling and low-smoke-producing firewood. Although it burns clean and hot, it can be hard to find.

5. Beech

Because of its intense heat, beech firewood can be very hot and is sought out by wood-burning stove owners.

6. Black Locust

If you're not an expert in wood types or have a lot to do woodwork, the black locust tree may not be well-known. The fast-growing tree is great for firewood. It produces very little smoke and burns hot.

7. Hickory

Oak firewood is often better than hickory, especially if you're looking for firewood that smells good. Oak firewood is the only reason I would prefer it over hickory. It is also easier to find and will usually season slightly quicker than hickory.

8. Black Walnut

There are three varieties of walnut trees in North America. The black walnut is the most popular. However, it produces low levels of smoke when burned. It is very hard to find this wood for firewood as it is highly sought-after for furniture building.

9. Osage Orange

Osage orange, a dense, heavy wood, produces very little smoke and burns extremely hot. When it is available, Osage orange makes a great choice for wood-burning stoves. Osage orange is a good choice for firewood, but it can spark a lot!