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The View from Your Windshield

Nov 13

There's a reason why your windshield's larger than the rearview mirror. It's important to have the clearest image of the direction you're heading. This means that your windshield is substantially larger than your mirrors. No, I'm not saying that it's essential to know what's behind you and to learn from the direction you've traveled. However, if all you are seeing is your rearview mirror, that's because you're going backward. If you do this in life, you're not living in the present moment and are not aware of the future that is ahead of you.

 Sometimes, in life, we need to go back a little bit. However, the earliest we can put that car in the drive and head towards our intended destination. To get to that destination we need maps or apps to take us in the direction we're going to take. We set our goal and then determine the path to get there. Sometimes we need to change the route because of heavy traffic or accidents (both excellent metaphors for life). But in either case - you should have a rough idea of where you'd like to travel.

 I have friends who work hard, have a fast-paced life, and are always very busy and don't set goals for themselves (and some do not even have business goals). In my opinion, the majority of these people are confused. Since they don't know what they'd like to do Moving faster will not get them there faster.

 Another great metaphor is the windscreen wiper. When the weather is bad, you need something to help keep things clean. Other times, you need even more help than that.

 For me, the metaphor for this is that occasionally we might need help to get us where we're heading. This could be a partner, a colleague from work, or someone who helps us think clearly. It is crucial to remember that we need to keep moving forward, safely obviously - to reach the destination we'd like to be.

 Last observation: Don't allow obstructions to keep your view of your windshield. There are always people who block your path in getting you to where you want to go. Do not let them. There will be people who would like to stop you or keep you from moving forward. Don't let them stop you from looking forward also. Keep your windshield clean in your everyday life, the same way you keep your windshield free of dirt in your car.

 Mirrors in the rear are used to view what's behind you, what's in front of you, as well as what's in the past. In this crazy world that we live in, it's more important than ever to remember that the windshield of your car is larger than your rearview mirror, and has a very good reason. You will see your windshield from today from now.


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