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As the third COVID-19 vaccine clears the major hurdle, HE Raleigh steps up efforts to vaccinate the most vulnerable vaccines

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) – In the severely affected southeast of Raleigh on Friday night, Advance Community Health’s COVID-19 vaccines brave the rain to throw shots in the arms of residents of the state’s largest COVID hot zone, the 27610 ZIP keep code.

“Of all the first doses we gave, 55% came from the Black and African American population and 22% from our 27610 zip code. And that is exactly what we were challenged with with vaccinations,” said Michelle Davis, vaccination coordinator at Advance.

At the same time, on Friday evening, a group of FDA advisors, doctors, and scientists voted unanimously to recommend an emergency approval for Johnson and Johnson’s one-shot vaccine.

“There is currently a shortage of approved vaccines. And I think approval will help meet current needs,” said Dr. Archana Chatterjee, member of the advisory board, in her statement that she should endorse the vaccine.

Find out about vaccination efforts in Southeast Raleigh’s hard-hit 27610 zip code and the latest FDA approval of Johnson and Johnson’s one-off COVID vaccine. • TODAY • # abc11 pic.twitter.com/XVcE2VQaRE

– Joel Brown (@ JoelBrownABC11) February 27, 2021

The J&J vaccine offers strong protection. It is 85% effective against major illness and 100% effective against hospitalizations and death. And may also offer 74% protection against asymptomatic infections – reducing the chance of the disease spreading to those vaccinated.

Back at Advance, where vaccines currently use doses of the Moderna vaccine, the focus is on vaccinating the most vulnerable populations in Raleigh: seniors over 65 and this week school staff: teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, etc.

Over 2,000 doses have been administered here since January, even in the fight against the hesitation of the vaccine.

“People will listen to their peers as much as they will listen to community leaders. The more people we can get vaccinated and show them it’s safe and effective, the more I think the word will get the word out,” said Davis.

Formal FDA approval of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine could come as early as Saturday.

CLICK HERE to register for a vaccination appointment with Advance Community Health.

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