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Passenger beats driver, steals cab in Raleigh :: WRAL.com

– A taxi was stolen in Raleigh on Wednesday afternoon after the driver and passenger got into a physical altercation.

According to the police, the taxi driver was annoyed with the driver, hit the driver and then stole the taxi.

The driver was treated injured on site.

At one point, the suspect walked out of I-40 and tried to get into another vehicle, then climbed onto the windshield of a third vehicle.

Kate Mercer drove nearby and watched the incident.

“He got on the hood of that car and climbed the windshield and hit the windshield aggressively as hard as he could. And then he started climbing the roof. He seemed to be screaming angrily at the car, the” on whose windshield he was. ” was, “she described.

The suspect is on remand.

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