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Ride of Honor parade to commemorate fallen soldiers in Raleigh

On Saturday, the Ride of Honor parade will travel through the triangle to visit significant locations honoring those who have sacrificed the most.

Video transcript

AMBER RUPINTA: From laps of honor to a ride of honor, the annual Memorial Day event at the Triangle, organized by the Raleigh non-profit United States Veterans Corps, has the same purpose and honors those who have given this nation everything.

ANDREW LADNER: Every year we usually host an event called the Laps of Honor which is supposed to be a swim. But because of COVID last year and the pool wasn’t open yet, it had to be a ride. This ride is actually in honor of Andrew Sippel, who was killed in Afghanistan.

AMBER RUPINTA: Army specialist Andrew Sippel grew up in Carey and swam in his neighborhood pool. He died in Afghanistan in January 2014. Honor laps became a memorial day to honor his sacrifice. For the Ride of Honor, the Sippel neighborhood pool is one of the most important places riders pass by. The parade begins and ends Saturday morning at Tobacco Road Harley Davidson near downtown Raleigh.

ANDREW LADNER: We start at this place on Tobacco Road and walk to a cemetery just down the street here in Raleigh, where Ray Price – that was formerly Ray Price Harley Davidson – and one of the husbands of our Heroes’ Home recipient who was killed in combat is buried. Then we drive to Andrew Sippel’s neighborhood in the middle of Carey. Then we go to a Flags for Heroes event on the sidelines of Carey and Apex, where all flags have medallions with the names of the fallen.

AMBER RUPINTA: Military vehicles and motorcycles will participate, and new drivers are welcome.

ANDREW LADNER: Any driver, be it a motorcycle or a man who owns his own military vehicle, can come here. Sign up, you know, 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. Ramp at 11:00 a.m. It only costs $ 10 for a driver. If there are two people, it’s $ 15. But it’s a fundraiser for the missions we’re completing.

AMBER RUPINTA: And for this Memorial Weekend mission, it’s an unforgettable round trip. Registration for the Memorial Day lap of honor takes place on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. The parade starts at 11:00 a.m. So it starts and ends on Tobacco Road Harley Davidson, right here near downtown Raleigh, with live music and food trucks. Ticket information on abc11.com is listed under this story.

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