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What is considered short for man?

Oct 17

A man is considered to be short if he is 5'7" or less. Anything above this is tall so being 5'7" would be considered in the middle of being tall and short.

Difference between short man and tall man

When it comes to short men vs. tall men, there are some major differences between the two. Short men are usually known as having a characteristic of being more aggressive due to their desire of trying to prove themselves. Tall men are often seen easily by others as leaders or authority figures due to them standing above others in most cases.

Short men are often seen as more attractive to women due to their height not being overwhelming. Tall men are seen as having a higher chance of being successful in life and careers because they can easily rise above others without much effort.

Some people might see a man who is short as someone who has a complex about his height or that he has something to prove, but it is often seen these days as a desired trait to be tall.

Many women report that they like to date shorter men because they can wear high heels and still be shorter than the man.

Being short is not considered bad or negative but it is not seen as a positive trait either. It really depends on how the individual portrays himself and his desires for what he wants to accomplish with his life.